The City of Meridian, Texas appointed new council members Monday, December 14, at the regular meeting of Meridian City Council. Mayor Johnnie Hauerland recommended Shawn Stauffer for the title of Mayor Pro Tem.

Pictured are Marie Garland, Shawn Stauffer, Sharon Wilson, and Meghann Giesecke, and Johnnie Hauerland. Stauffer was selected as Mayor Pro Tem.

Meghann Giesecke, Sharon Wilson, Stauffer, and Jackye Hatley were all sworn in as council members after November‘s election results and canvassed votes. Council members are currently as follows:

Mayor Johnnie Hauerland

Mayor Pro Tem Shawn Stauffer

Council Member Ryan Nieuwenhuis

Council Member Jackye Hatley

Council Member Sharon Wilson

Council Member Meghann Giesecke

Meridian City Council met in November and appointed Meghann Giesecke as a council member for a 1-year term. Melba Catchings held the seat previously. She received a Certificate of Appreciation by Mayor Johnnie Hauerland.